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Latest News
Beirut Office new location is : Hazmieh highway - Midpoint Center - Block B- Second Floor. Temporary phone numbers are: 76131802 & 70755689. Read More
Certificate for participation in gasoil purchase tenders The Lebanon Oil Installations wishes to grant all eligible applicants for gasoil purchase tenders a “certificate for participation” as the only administrative document needed for participation in gasoil purchase tender for local market use, along with the letter of application, the bid bond and the receipt for payment of tender... Read More
Minister Of Energy & Water word It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you to the official Website of the Oil Installations in Lebanon. The creation of this reference site is for us, another step forward towards reaching our goal, which is for Lebanon to become the center of attention of the Oil & Gas Sector Worldwide.This initiative is amongst the many we are preparing in order to enable the Oil Installations in Lebanon with... Read More
Word of General Manager / Head of Committee Mr. Sarkis Hlaiss First, I would like to welcome you, visitors of the website of Lebanon Oil Installations, and I hope that this site is going to provide you useful information about the petroleum sector in Lebanon. The creation of this website today, which is a step to go along with modernity in the world of communication, came to shed light on the majestic history of the oil sector in Lebanon, where the... Read More
D.O.L Future Development Plans The Directorate of Laboratories has long-advocated that the testing methods employed be operated to the highest international standard. The laboratories have regularly participated in correlation competency schemes guided by internationally-recognized bodies such as BP (British Petroleum) and the IIS (Institute of Interlaboratory Studies). The trust of our customers continues to be of... Read More
Tripoli Oil Installations Tank Farm Tripoli Oil Installations Tank Farm:The Ministry of Energy and Water of Lebanon intends to reconstruct the Tripoli Oil Installations. The installation will be used for the storage and handling of crude oil, gasoline, gasoil, kerosene and fuel oil.The project stage is preparing bids. Read More
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